Car Wash: Winter Washes

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its winter and all the salt is on the ground and in the air. Its time to give your car a full car wash on the weekly schedule.

The best car wash is when the under car is completed. All the salt buildup eats away at all the metal in your car. The salt cant eat through paint as easy as it can go through metal. Make sure your car is properly washed weekly and the under car receives a complete wash.

At CP Group Canada's Detailing Center a deep under body car wash is completed on your car. Full car wash packages can be purchased at a low price starting at $10. Get a full car wash at your local detailing Center here in the puce region. Click here to see our location on the map.

Convenient Perfection is what we strive for everyday. We bring the best car wash, mobile detail, and in house detail to the Windsor Essex region for your Car, Boat or RV

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