Mobile Detailing Windsor: Why CP Group Canada Has The Best Customer Service

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To all civilians of Windsor, Lasalle, Tecumseh, Amherstburg and Essex this one is for you.

It is very difficult to find true enjoyable customer service these days. I know that daily there is a struggle with businesses where you as the customer feel like you do not have a say in things.

We have taken the "customer is always right" mentality and grew CP Group Canada around that principal. Anytime you call us for mobile car detailing, boat detailing or RV detailing we work as hard as possible to accommodate to your schedule. We bring our mobile detailing unit to your home, or work. We are mobile detailing Windsor, mobile detailing Lasalle, mobile detailing Tecumseh, mobile detailing Amherstburg and mobile detailing Essex.

Now here is the kicker, nobody is perfect! When we detail your car boat or RV, it is rare, but sometimes things may get missed. Have no fear! We provide warranty and assurance that if there is anything missed, we come back within 24 hours and touch up everything. No excuses, we simply want you happy with your car detail boat detail or RV detail.

This is the CP Group Canada mentality. No ifs ands or buts, CP Group Canada will send a mobile detailing unit right back to you and take care of anything missed. We are at your convenience to detail your car, detail your boat and detail your RV all around the clock.

With that said, we hope to never have to do this. Currently we have had only 2 customers out of 237 call us back for small touch ups! Those two customers were 100% satisfied with our quick response and commitment to their convenience and happiness.

We are CP Group Canada, Windsor-Essex Mobile detailing unit, and we look forward to making your day happier when we come to complete a car detail, boat detail or RV detail.

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