Mobile Detailing Windsor: The #1 trade secret to detailing leather car seats

Is your leather looking shinny around the arm and headrest?

If your leather is a light color are you beginning to notice discoloration?

If you answered yes to any of the above than is is time to detail your interior leather seats.

Windsor's CP Group Canada mobile detailing service is here to teach you one of our trade secrets.

Use a soft bristle brush and a basic leather spray cleaner. A rag or microfiber will simply not be enough. Gently work in your leather cleaner with the brush. The soft bristles will get into the leathers crevices and extract all body oils and grime buildup from over the years. Finish off the detail by wiping off the excess cleaner.

From there CP Group Canada recommends you condition and treat your seats to protect your leather from UV rays, bacteria and cracking.

Worst case, simply call CP Group Canada mobile detailing service to take care of your detailing needs. Visit to review our various detailing packages.

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