Mobile Detailing Windsor: Choosing the best for your car and wallet this spring.

Here are 3 ways to access your interior before selecting which CP Group Canada package will be best for you. At the end of the day you don't want to overspend on something you do not need, and you don't want to cheap out and miss getting something important for your car.

Here is a simple trick to remember without draining you with too many words:

1) If it can be wiped right off or vacuumed right up, then Go CP Express

2) If that mess has been there for the majority of winter and you can tell is needs a brush to scrub, then GO CP Premium

3) If you didn't use rubber floor mats, and you simply keep spilling drinks everywhere in the car, you need hot water to take all that out, the Go CP Valet

No simply visit and submit your interior detail request for a free estimate

CP Group Canada is proud to serve you right at your door. Convenient Perfection is what we take pride in when it comes down to you Car, Boat, and RV.

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