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Commercial Fleet Detailing

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Commercial Fleet FAQ

How Often will my trucks/cars be cleaned?

We will clean your vehicles:

  • monthly

  • bi-weekly

  • weekly

  • daily 


We are prepared to clean your vehicles as often as you would like.

How It Works: We will personally keep track of every unit and output a schedule to ensure each unit is cleaned on a regular basis. You will be notified of this schedule and at the end of every cycle.

Pro Tip: Prices for monthly are almost equal to weekly, based on the fact that there will be four times as much dirt build up in between details. Therefore we recommend getting your vehicles detailed weekly or bi-weekly.

What is the biggest fleet you can handle on a weekly basis?

We are prepared for any size fleet on a weekly or even daily basis. In some cases we will even provide a van and two detailers fully prepared to take care of your fleet on a daily basis to ensure your entire fleet is cleaned regularly, this can be accomplished through a one year contract.

Our vehicles are constantly on the road, and our employees take them home at night, when can we get them detailed?

There are two options for a situation like this:

  • We could either detail the vehicle at the worksite (vehicle access permitting)

  • or we could detail the vehicle at the employee's home

What does our company need to provide for the detail?

Nothing! Our vans are fully equipped with water, electricity and the tools/chemicals needed for any detail your company throws our way.

Why should I get my fleet detailed?


There are many reasons as to why we recommend keeping a clean fleet. Here are some of the reasons that other business owners provided us with:


  • Maintains a professional image for the business

  • Keeps the resale value of the vehicles higher

  • Employees gain more respect for the vehicles

  • Allows employees to stay focused on tasks that bring in more money and move the business forward

  • Both employees and owners enjoy the convenience of having clean vehicles 

How Much does it cost?

Due to the fact that every business is different, we will customize a contract as a team to ensure your fleet is properly taken care of.